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Site Maintenance

Our site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and will be down from Friday 29th June, 5:30PM until Monday 2nd July, 12:00PM.

If you are currently participating in any studies and have questionnaire(s) due between these dates, please return on Monday 2nd July after 12:00PM to complete your questionnaire(s).

If you have any issues with the website after this date and time, we are eager to ensure these are resolved and have our development team on stand-by to deal with all of your requests. Please contact if any issues occur and we'll be sure to help.

Thank you for your patience.

Maintenance Update, 3:00PM, 02.07.2018:

Due to an unavoidable delay, scheduled maintenance time have been extended to Monday 2nd July, 6:00PM

Thank you for your patience whilst we complete necessary process and all clients should expect an update to their registered email address immediately after system is live.

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